miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Do you like cooking?

Telmo and Tula are going to teach us how to prepare a delicious breakfast: Muesli.

Let's watch the video:

Exercise 1: What ingredients DON'T you need for the Muesli?


2 apples
A handful of raisins
Juice from one orange
1 spoonful of honey
A handful of walnuts
A glass of milk
2 yoghurts
6 spoons of rolled oats

Fruit of your choice

Exercise 2: Put the instructions to make the Muesli in the correct order.

a) Add one spoonful of honey to the orange juice and mix it up until it blends.
b) First you put the peeled and sliced apples into the bowl.
c) Have a nice breakfast!
d) Pour the juice into the bowl and go get the nuts.
e) Then you add the raisins.
f) Squezze the orange with the manual squeezer and put the juice into a glass.
g) Now drop the yoghurts and finally the rolled oats.

If you want to learn more recipes click on Telmo and Tula below:

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