martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

Interesting technology and society video

This video is an interesting resource for both technology and social studies. It shows the process of production from a critical point of view in our society.

Interesting electronics webpage

This webpage requires a fee (around 200eur per school) but it is a very interesting site, contianing presentations, summaries and exercises on all the topics required in ESO (we use it for 4 ESO) and most (such as electronics) are available in English. We recommend it's use! This is the link:

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Geology in English for 3 ESO

It is difficult to find a concise geolgy textbook in English for the chapters necessary to make an integrated spanish-english curriculum. This is a pdf scan of a textbook that I find good enough for the purpose. Here is the link for the 2Mb pdf file:

Set of Science Exams

Here is a Doc word file containing all the exam drafts I used last year for 3 ESO science biology & geology. There may be some mistakes, so check it out before you use any of this stuff, but it could be useful to get some ideas! Here is the link:

1ESO printable textbook

This is an alternative hand-made textbook (no copyright) for 1st of ESO Science. It follows the integrated curriculum (note the chapter on Being a Scientist!) and tries to organise things to maximise the work of students and minimise the teacher's effort! (nice recommendation, huh) It contains theory, exercises, etc. Well, feel free to use it if you wish.

viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Solar system model in the Playground

This solar system model can be made with simple articles like peanuts and chestnuts etc, and fits inside an average school playground so you don't have to go outside the school boundaries. The website includes a full description of the activity, being ideal for 1ESO students. Make sure you don't have a rainy day, though!

Timeline for 4ESO Biology - Geology

This timeline of wikipedia is the best I've come across. It is sufficiently complete for both the Biological AND the Geological events, and is coherent with the naming of the different time lapses. It is possible to copy-paste onto an excel sheet, for further simplification and use in the lesson, or as the basis for a student project.

Pointillism Video For Colour Composition

This video from youtube can be useful to show how images can be made using only 3 basic colours, plus black and white. It shows an image made with 5 kinds of coloured pins, which blend into a realistic colour composition.

Art Bansky Alternative Art

Bansky is a good example of modern alternative art for student input. This could be subject to a whole-group analysis guided by the teacher, and maybe the start of a debate about the limits of art in society: roles, importance, legal versus illegal, the purposes of art, importance of the artist versus anonymous productions.


This is a summary of all the contents included in the IGCSE of biology. It corresponds therefore to the curriculum of the UK. The spanish curriculum also includes mainly some definitions of ecology, and the geology. I will try to include these in another article. This is my own material, so feel free to distribute it or use it as you wish!

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Etiquetas, Tags

Una vez realizada la productiva reunión de Alcorcón, en la cual recopilamos vuestras interesantes opiniones y aportaciones, ya está en marcha la página de recursos de la Red de Centros Bilingües. Para participar en ella sólo hay que realizar una entrada en el blog conjunto que tenemos, os recuerdo que una vez que tengamos incorporado el texto y materiales de nuestra nueva entrada es necesario que la etiquetemos correctamente para su uso posterior. Aquí os dejo las etiquetas básicas que acordamos, después podéis poner todas aquellas que consideréis oportunas para clasificar e identificar vuestras entradas en el blog.
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  • history,
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Para facilitaros la tarea las he incorporado en esta entrada y, por lo tanto, estarán disponibles para todos en vuestra próxima entrada.
Ánimo, esperamos vuestras aportaciones

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Good Water


This power point presentation is an all-year schematic textbook for 1 of ESO that I have made myself. It includes the curriculum of Spain PLUS the curriculum of the UK. It could be useful for classrooms with a projector, if you do not want to use a specific textbook and would rather use something more succint. Feel free to use it!